Dancing develops flexibility, plasticity, musical talent, motor skills, coordination and sense of direction.
Children can quickly learn to memorize different choreographies.
Dancing helps the child to integrate into a group and thus strengthens the ability to work in a team.


- strengthens the ability to work in a team

- develops motor skills and rhythm

- improves the coordination of hearing and memory


"Baby Ballet "

from 3 years

 In the course "Baby Ballet" we teach not only the basics of choreography,
but also social basics, working in a group, synchronization and improvisation.In "Baby Ballet" we dance through play.


"Baby Ballet" is at the beginning of a child's dance path.
In this course we teach children not only the basics of classical ballet, but also introduce them to other dance styles.

When we have dealt with coordination and the child can hold their attention and focus for a longer time,
the training of various modern or classical dance directions can begin.


from 12 years

 It's great to be a teenager! The possibilities of a human body are almost unlimited and the supply of energy is inexhaustible - new things are learned in no time.


The dance direction Dancehall comes from Jamaica where it was once a kind of social club dancing.
The beautiful and energetic movements (called "steps") to the hot Jamaican rhythms of Dancehall fascinate everyone; both spectators and dancers!


 For children and adults

 Vogue, as you can already deduce from the title, is closely related to fashion.
The dance style Vogue has many directions: Runway, Old Way, New Way, Femme, they all have their own interesting peculiarities that make this style incomparable.

"Stretching and exercises"

For children and adults

 Stretching and exercises are essential for the body to protect it from sprains and dislocations.
Our qualified dance instructors offer their support and instruct participants in this area.
So that you can devote yourself to dance without fears in the future.

"Jazz Funk"

For children and adults


Movements and steps of classical jazz funk dance are combined with elements of hip-hop and funk.
The training is very versatile and promotes coordination, flexibility, muscle development and a sense of rhythm - all with expressive movements to stirring music.




For children and adults

Contemporary follows a specific direction of contemporary dance, which is based on academic dance (including classical ballet).
The promotion of technical proficiency as well as artistic development are at the core of the educational idea.
Contemporary is like a language in which the dancers' thoughts are expressed in their choreography.

"Twerk and booty shake"

For adults

Twerk and bootyshake are the dances where you wiggle your butt.
Twerk originated in Africa and then was combined with dancehall from Jamaica and the rhythms of hip-hop from America.
It is the most popular dance style in modern Hollywood movies.


For adults

Reggaeton, the "in dance" from Latin America.
A mix of hip-hop, rap and Latin dance are performed with physical movements to strong beats.
Circling hip movements and joie de vivre characterize this dance, as well as fast isolations in the upper body.

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