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Rent a Studio - Song Composition - Mixing and Mastering

Buying a hit song, that was written for you has never been so easy. Today, the decisive factors for a song to become popular are: good lyrics and the modern sound of the arrangement. The team of Studio Boni Records is always up to date with the trends of modern music. Each producer of our studio is focused on a particular genre of music, which gives you a guarantee of receiving a modern-sounding finished song written by us.

All steps of a composition are taken into account:

 -Drafting the image and concept

-Composing the melody, as well as the lyrics

-Forming the arrangement

 -Recording of instruments and back vocals

-Mixing and mastering

-Video clip recording (in studio)

-Uploads on all digital platforms or social media


The following figures in the cost overview are for guidance only.  The costs will be contractually agreed in each case.

 Recording of a song in the studio (vocals) from CHF 100.-

Purchase of a finished song from CHF 500.-

- Hit song written for you

- Sounds like on the radio

- Uploads on all social media

- All wishes are taken into account

- Mixing + Mastering

- Deadline: 10-20 days (depending on request)

  Mastering from CHF 200

  Renting the studio (audio engineer included)

- 1h from CHF 100.-

- 4h from CHF 350.-

- 8h (whole day) from CHF 700.-

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